Itchy Feet at Night Causes: Treatment and Remedies For Itchy Feet At Night Time

Question: I am a diabetic patient and my feet starts to itch at night, but on the inside, nothing on the outside. Is this normal or ever heard of this, is there something that I can do to stop this?

Answer: Itching is an annoying experience to whom so ever it happens, and itchy feet at night and during sleep is certainly a disturbing experience.

  • Is your diabetes under control?
  • Are you taking anti diabetic medicine?
  • Do you take vitamin supplements?

Causes of Itchy Feet at Bed Time

  • As you are diabetic one of the main cause can be deficiency of vitamins especially vitamin B1, B6, B12.
    Deficiency of these vitamins can result into many skin diseases.
  • Fungal infection in diabetics is common, and it can be one of the reason for itchy feet.
  • Scabies: this is an itch mite which can cause itching on the feet at night time. The itch can spread all over the body.
  • Contact allergic dermatitis: it is caused due to some material you come into contact with. At night time it may be a blanket material.
  • Dry feet: if your skin is dry you may feel like itching, but remember scratching will give more itching.
  • Improper hygiene can also lead to itch feet.

Prevention Of Itchy Legs at Night

  • Control diabetes.
  • Do not eat sugar as this may lead to increase in blood sugar and facilitate fungal infection
  • Wear comfortable shoes, do not wear wet shocks. Wear fresh shocks daily.
  • Maintain proper hygiene

Treatment of Itchy Feet

  • Take proper vitamin supplements
  • Drink carrot juice once in a day for a fortnight
  • Apply cream to the dry skin of the feet especially at night and before sleeping
  • Apply aloe vera gel on the feet at night.