Herbal Remedies for Diabetes: Curry Leaves, Cinnamon & Gooseberry

Some plants have medicinal properties, are non-toxic and are very effective for diabetes. There are herbs that help in production of insulin and also help to lower blood sugar.

We are now presenting a series of 3 articles each highlighting various herbal remedies available for Diabetes. This article particularly emphasizes how the use of Butea Leaves, Cinnamon, Curry Leaves and Gooseberry is beneficial for Diabetics.

Butea-Leaves And Cinnamon For Diabetes Cure

Butea Leaves (Botanical Name – Butea monosperma)

  • Popularly known as flame of the forest.
  • The leaves of this tree are valuable and help in lowering blood sugar.
  • They are also useful in a condition called glycosuria (presence of large amount of glucose in the urine).
  • The leaves of Butea tree can either be chewed or taken in decoction or infusion form.

Cinnamon (Botanical name – Cinnamomum zeylanicum)

  • This is a popular herb and spice and is used widely.
  • It plays an important role in the treatment of diabetes because it stimulates insulin activity. Only a small amount is sufficient to stimulate insulin activity.
  • It controls blood sugar level.
  • Other herbs and spices useful for treating diabetes are bay leaves, cloves and turmeric.

Remedies For Diabetes Using Curry Leaves And Gooseberry

Curry Leaves (Botanical name – Murraya koenigi)

  • The leaves of this shrub are aromatic and slightly bitter.
  • They are of great food value to diabetics and are valuable herbal remedies.
  • To prevent diabetes of a hereditary origin eat at-least 10 fresh fully-grown curry leaves every morning for three months.
  • It also helps in weight reduction and is beneficial in the treatment of diabetes due to obesity. The diabetic patient stops passing sugar in the urine as weight reduces.

Gooseberry – (Botanical name – Emblica officinalis)

  • The Gooseberry is one of the most ideal food-medicine for diabetes.
  • It stimulates secretion of natural insulin.
  • Mix a Tablespoon of gooseberry juice to a cup of fresh bitter gourd juice, take it daily for 2 months for beneficial results.
  • It helps reduce blood sugar in diabetics.
  • It also helps prevent eye complications in diabetics.
  • Diet restrictions should be strictly followed besides this regime