Hemoglobin A1c Range For Diabetics: HbA1c Test During Pregnancy

Monitoring of blood sugar is an important aspect in management of a diabetic patient. With it you can find out whether your diabetes is under control or not. To measure blood sugar, finger prick method is used by patients at home. Blood sugar level can be measured with glucometer at home. Blood sugar test is also performed in pathological laboratories. Blood is withdrawn from the vein for this purpose.

The result thus obtained is used by the physician to adjust the dose of medicine, diet and physical activity of the diabetic patient.

Since there is wide fluctuation of blood glucose from time and again, the physician finds it difficulty in accurately setting the dosage of medicines required and controlling diabetes for a longer period of time.

Hemoglobin A1c Test For Diabetes

Ha1c test also called HbA1c or glycated hemoglobin test is useful test for determining how well your blood glucose level is controlled over a period of time. The test suggests an average level of blood sugar which remained over a period of last 12 weeks. The blood test Hemoglobin A1c range is useful in adjusting the dose of medicine to control diabetes.

Hemoglobin which is present in the red blood cells carries oxygenated blood in the body. In uncontrolled diabetes, the circulating sugar level in the blood is very high. The excess of sugar sticks to hemoglobin in the blood making it glycated. The average amount of excess of blood sugar which is circulating for a period of last 12 weeks can thus be estimated from hemoglobin A1c test. If the patients glucose level was high in last 3 months can easily be detected with this test, as the test result will show high hemoglobin A1c range.

Hemoglobin A1c Range For Diabetics

  • In a non diabetic patient, the normal hemoglobin A1c range is between 4% to 6%.
  • If the patient is diabetic and if his blood sugar is well controlled for a long period of time, say six months or three months his Hemoglobin A1c range will be around 7%.
  • If diabetes is poorly controlled in past few months, the test result of hemoglobin A1c level is usually beyond 8%.
  • The benefit of hemoglobin A1c test over other glucose estimation test is it gives a reasonable picture of how your blood sugar level behaved in past few months. Besides, it does not fluctuate as other methods.
  • Person who has uncontrolled diabetes should perform this test every three months. A person who is diabetic and has controlled blood sugar may perform it every 6 months or at least twice in a year.

Hemoglobin A1c Test In Pregnancy

In pregnancy, blood sugar estimation is routinely advised by the gynecologist with other blood tests. If the woman is non diabetic, her hemoglobin A1c will be less than 7%.

If the woman is diabetic, then her aim should be to bring hemoglobin A1c to 6% and below that range.

Elevation of hemoglobin A1c level during pregnancy may be risk to the fetus, as stillbirth and congenital defects are observed with uncontrolled diabetes.

Hemoglobin A1c range is a useful test in monitoring the level of blood sugar fluctuation in a diabetic patient. It also helps the physician to adjust the dose of medicine as given. The test helps to maintain healthy and balanced life in a diabetic patient.