Foods That Lower Blood Sugar: Natural Remedies To Reduce It

Diabetes is a condition which is commonly associated with elevated levels of sugar in the blood. Dietary regulations can help patients suffering from diabetes to lower the blood sugar levels naturally. Elevated levels of blood sugar are often associated with increased risk of developing cardiovascular disorders and rapid spread of infections and delayed healing of wounds. Controlling blood sugar naturally is beneficial in the management of diabetes and complications associated with it.

There are certain foods that help in reducing the blood sugar levels and reduce the risk of developing type 2 diabetes in adults.

These foods either act on enhancing the production or sensitivity of insulin which in turn increases the absorption of glucose from the blood or hasten the burn down of glucose in the cellular tissue.

What Foods Lower Blood Sugar Levels?

  • Regular consumption of green tea has been found to be beneficial in lower blood sugar levels and also preventing atherosclerosis and heart disorders. Green tea contains various antioxidants and catachien which is considered to have a potent action on reducing blood sugar levels. One cup of green tea can lower the blood sugar levels by as much as twenty points.
  • Decaf coffee is also considered beneficial. Caffeine tends to have detrimental effect on the blood sugar levels however some other components in coffee can actually help in reducing blood sugar levels, as per a study conducted in Japan
  • Cinnamon is considered to have potential properties in reducing blood sugar levels. A tea spoon of cinnamon can reduce blood sugar levels considerably and is also recommended by the American Medical Association for the control of diabetes.
  • Red wine is considered potentially beneficial in lower blood sugar levels. Studies have shown that red wine helps in promoting the absorption of glucose by the cells and in turn aids in reducing blood sugar levels. However caution is required and excessive consumption can result in liver damage.

How To Reduce Blood Sugar Levels Naturally?

There are certain factors that may result in aiding lowering blood sugar levels naturally. These include the following,

  • Regular exercise helps lower blood sugar levels naturally. Regular exercise for about twenty minutes each day can in turn enhance the body’s metabolism and increase the requirement of glucose by the body cells which in turn can help in burn down of fats and enhance metabolism of glucose.
  • Getting adequate sleep is essential. A sleep of about seven to eight hours a day is crucial and enhances the normal functioning of the pituitary gland, which in turn controls the functions of all the other glands including the pancreas. A good sleep also helps reduce physical and psychological stress which in turn enhances the production of hormones by the endocrinal glands.
  • Regular meditation and yoga are beneficial in distressing and help in improving blood sugar levels naturally.
  • Avoid foods that are high in glycemic content instead opt for foods that are high in fiber content. Increase the intake of fruits, vegetables, whole wheat, oats and cereals. Reduce the intake of refined flour, processed food, aerated drinks and high fat products.