Dry Cracked Feet In Diabetes: Infection And Blisters On Legs

Cracked and dry skin can happen to anyone especially if there is lack of proper foot care. However, if you have been diagnosed with diabetes, the chances of having dry and cracked feet are almost usual since this is one of the symptoms of the disease. Diabetic cracked feet allows germs to seep through the skin and cause infection, more so if the blood glucose is high. In this case, germs would feed on the infection making it worse.

Infection And Blisters On Legs In Diabetic

Two main problems can offshoot from diabetes blisters on legs and feet.

One is nerve damage. Damages in the nerves of your legs and feet can happen due to high levels of blood sugar. Poor blood flow can also happen to a person suffering from diabetes. When there is not enough blood flowing in the legs and feet, this will result to infection and can even lead to amputation. Added to poor blood flow and nerve damage, smoking can also make diabetes much worse.

Blisters may form in your feet and can cause you a great deal of foot problem. If the diabetic blisters on legs and your feet get infected, germs would grow and will result to gangrene.

Gangrene is a condition in which the skin and tissues around the infected area die and becomes odorous and black. In this case, your doctor will advise you to have your toe or entire foot amputated to prevent gangrene from spreading throughout your body.

Treatment For Diabetic Foot Conditions

A person who is having diabetes since a long period eventually develops peripheral nerve damage resulting in numbness of the parts to which it supplies. The nerves of the foot are frequently affected leading to foot ulcers. Foot care is most important. Cuts, sores should be paid immediate attention. Wear protective shoes to avoid trauma to the foot. Protect feet from extreme temperature. Wash your feet regularly and keep the webs of the foot dry.

Podiatrists, or doctors who specialize on feet, will tell you what you need to understand in the surgery for your leg or feet.