High Cholesterol Diet | Glucose Level Foods | Diabetes Exercise

Question: These are my medical reports can you suggest the possible diet.

Post prandial serum glucose 176 mg/dl
Fasting serum glucose 116 mg/dl
Serum cholesterol 211
Serum triglycerides 358


After analyzing your report I want to ask you whether you are diabetic. Are you taking any treatment for diabetes or for increased cholesterol level? What is your age? What is your weight?

Total caloric requirements are determined by a person’s activity.

Diet to Reduce Cholesterol

General diet advised for mild increase in blood glucose level and increased cholesterol:

  • Eat small and frequent easily digestible meals.
  • Early and small evening dinner.
  • Items in moderation: Fresh milk after removing cream, egg one per day, fruits, potatoes, kidney, liver, tea , coffee, and ¬†little quantity of sugar.
  • Forbidden items: Butter, whole milk, and cream, chocolate, cheese, cakes, pastries, mayonnaise, pork, bacon, sausages, fried food which is cooked in animal fats, nuts, and tinned fruits.
  • Strictly forbidden: Alcohol and smoking cigarettes.
  • Eat more green leafy vegetables, salads.
  • Drink proper quantity of water.
  • Dietary fiber is beneficial in diabetes and lipid control. Fiber rich vegetables, fruits, legumes, and fenugreek seeds should be consumed liberally.
  • Saturated fats should be restricted; items fried in saturated fats should be avoided.
  • Saturated fats increase serum cholesterol levels.
  • Vegetables like spinach, French beans, turnip lettuce, tomatoes, cucumber, spring onions, radish, and lady’s finger can be taken liberally.
  • Polyunsatured fatty acid containing vegetable oil such as sunflower oil, corn oil should be consumed as they are helpful in controlling serum cholesterol levels.
  • Foods containing vitamins are necessary, green leafy vegetables are rich source of vitamins.

Exercise: Regular walking for 45 minutes is advisable.

Any exercise that causes chest heaviness, breathing difficulty, or lump in the throat should be avoided.