Benefits Of Yoga Exercises To Lower Blood Sugar & Control Diabetes

Diabetes can affect all vital organs of the body. This disease cannot be cured but it is possible to control diabetes. Therefore it is necessary to understand the techniques to control diabetes, and remain free from many health problems.

In diabetes, the body is not able to use glucose which is formed after digestion. This is because pancreas is not able to produce hormone insulin in enough quantity. As a result the sugar which is normally used as energy source by the body and it starts accumulating in the blood. It is then passed in urine.

Several factors are responsible for diabetes and these include faulty genes, lack of exercise, stress, overeating, alcohol, toxins, pancreatic damage due to surgery or disease.

Benefits Of Yoga For Diabetes Control

Yoga is an ancient science. Besides being physical exercise, it also embraces mind and spirit. It also emphasizes on self discipline in areas of food, habits and the thought patterns.

  • The term ‘yoga’ is derived from Sanskrit that mean’s ‘to join’. Yoga aims for perfect health through self-control.
  • Yoga includes – techniques of internal purification (yogic kriyas), postures (asana) and control and regulation of breath (pranayams).
  • Early mornings and evenings are the best times for yogic exercise.
  • Yogasanas are preferably done on an empty stomach or three hours after a meal or one hour after light snacks. Diabetic patients should eat something immediately after performing asanas.
  • Yogasanas should be performed on a level ground where a blanket is spread.
  • The area should be free from noise pollution and should be clean and well ventilated.
  • Wear loose, airy and light clothes.
  • During the asanas relax your facial muscles and limb muscles and breathe normally through the nose.

Yoga activates the thyroid gland, massages the pancreas, and stimulates nerve impulses to the pancreas. It enhances the metabolic process and increases circulation. Hence it is beneficial in the treatment of diabetes.

  • The practice of yogic kriyas and asanas help overcome all emotional, mental and physical tension.
  • Yogic kriyas and asanas also stimulate the major endocrine glands of the body and promote inner health and harmony.
  • Yogasanas regulate nerve impulse and blood flows to the glandular areas.

Yoga Exercises To Lower Blood Sugar

There are different types of yoga asanas. In diabetes the main aim is to restore the functioning of pancreas. The second consideration is to choose such asanas which are easier to practice. One of these asana is Surya Namaskar.

  • Stand straight and keep your legs two feet apart with your hands loosely on your sides and keep your head straight.
  • Inhale slowly and raise your hands towards the sky. Your palms should be turned forward.
  • Start exhaling and lower the upper part of your body towards the ground. By the time both hands reach near the floor, you should finish exhaling.
  • Hold your breath and stay in that position for 5 seconds. Keep the body above the waist loose. Keep your legs and waist firm. Touch the ground as far as you can, but do not strain or forcibly bend. Do it comfortably.
  • Now bring both the hands on the legs and inhale and slowly come to the standing position.
  • Rest for five seconds and repeat the same process.

Once you are familiar with these asana, you can practice other asanas such as Uttanpada asana, Bhujang asana, Shalabha asana etc. All these asanas activate the malfunctioning pancreas.