Benefits Of Tomatoes For Weight Loss: Raw Cabbage & Lemon Juice

There are n number of diet programs and ways mentioned in books and on internet to help you lose weight. But nothing can come close to comparison of a well planned diet, lifestyle changes and suitable exercise plan.  Obesity can be dealt with simple tricks, especially the selection of food that you eat.

It should posses least number of calories and at the same time should be rich in its nutrient value. Having said this let us know how fruits and vegetables play a role in reducing obesity. Among them tomatoes, lemon and cabbage rank on the top

Benefits Of Eating Tomatoes For Weight Loss

Tomato is an important fruit in most parts of world.

There are immense health benefits of tomatoes. It is known to open natural channels of the body. They are at their best when they are fully ripe. Tomatoes can be consumed in its raw form, mixed in food or taken as tomato juice. One of the great quality that tomato has is it helps to lose weight.

  • Eating it every day will provide high fiber content together with vitamins and various nutrients that accelerate metabolism.
  • Since tomatoes are high in fiber and water content. It helps to fill the stomach quickly.
  • Tomatoes contain pectin, a fiber which is also responsible for better intestinal peristalsis.
  • Citric acid in tomatoes helps to metabolize sugar and burn fats.
  • Lycopene, a content in tomatoes which gives it red color restricts formation of adipocytes, which is a type of fat. It also takes an active part in absorption of fats.

When you are planning to reduce weight, eat 2 ripe tomatoes early in the morning, before breakfast for 2 to 3 months. Instead of two big tomatoes, 10 to 15 small cherry tomatoes can also work. Include tomatoes in various foods that you eat. Make it one ingredient of salad preparation.

Eating Raw Cabbage To Lose Weight

This leafy vegetable is a strong muscle builder and cleanser. Even though less appreciated, cabbage is good for a person who is making an effort to lose weight. It contains a valuable content called tartronic acid. This acid in cabbage prevents sugar to get converted into fats. Thus fat stores in the body get restricted.

Taking cabbage salad is the simplest way to stay slim. Secondly cabbage gives a lasting feeling of fullness in the stomach and is easily digestible. Also cabbage is low in calories and that is beneficial. The best way to consume cabbage is to drink cabbage soup or include it in daily salad dish.

Why Is Lemon Juice Good For Weight Loss?

Lemon is another great natural fruit that helps to reduce weight. Taking lemon juice in warm water early in morning is considered highly beneficial in losing weight. It improves the digestion and also initiates the utilization of carbohydrate and fats for energy source. Vitamin C is found in abundance in lemon. Vitamin C helps calcium to get absorbed into the fat cells and thus it makes the way for reduction of fat in the body.

Aside from the juice, lemon peels are high in pectin content. Pectin becomes a type of gel in the stomach and prevents excessive absorption of sugar from different foods that we eat. Lemon also aids in absorption of calcium into the fat cells. The stored calcium in fat cells accelerates fat metabolism at faster pace. In other words it accentuates fat burning process. Therefore there is less deposition of fat.

Although the above fruits and vegetables are valuable in reducing body fat stores, it is also true that they only cannot help in losing weight. A healthy and balanced diet which contains all the nutrients is necessary when a person wants to lose weight. Along with balanced food, exercise is also essential when it comes to lose weight.