Use Of Mango Leaves, Margosa And Sweet Potato For Diabetes Cure

In our series of Home Remedies for Diabetes; we are showcasing some plants and herbs having medicinal values and helpful for lowering blood sugar.

This article focuses on the uses of Mango Leaves, Margosa, Sweet Potato Leaves, Tenners Cassia in treatment for Diabetics.

Mango Leaves And Margosa To Cure Diabetes

Mango Leaves (Botanical name – Mangifera indica)

  • Tender leaves of mango tree possess anti-diabetic properties.
  • These leaves should be soaked overnight, squeezed in the morning and later filtered. This infusion should be taken regularly to control early diabetes.
  • The leaves can even be dried in shade, powdered and stored.
  • Half teaspoon of the powder can be taken in water or buttermilk twice daily.

Margosa (Botanical name – Azadirachta indica)

  • All parts of Margosa tree possess medicinal properties. Margosa Leaves are used in treatment of several common diseases.
  • Margosa tree leaves have anti-diabetic properties. The juice extracted from these leaves help control blood sugar.
  • Every morning 5 millilitres of this juice should be taken on an empty stomach. Continue this regime for 3 months.
  • Alternately chew 10 leaves of Margosa daily in the mornings.
  • Even dried powder of tender leaves is used for prevention and treatment of diabetes.
  • The leaves are dried under shade, powdered and stored in a bottle. 1 gram of the powder can be taken daily.

Diabetes cure with Sweet Potato leaves and Tenners Cassia

Sweet Potato Leaves (Botanical name – Ipomoea batatas)

  • The leaves of sweet potato are bitter in taste and are anti-diabetic. They are helpful in lowering blood sugar.
  • About 60 grams of fresh leaves of sweet potato and 100 grams of fresh skin of ash gourd should be cut into small pieces and boiled in water. This decoction is very beneficial for diabetic patients.
  • Alternately use 30 grams of dry leaves along with 12 grams of dry skin of ash gourd to prepare the decoction as mentioned earlier.

Tenners Cassia (Botanical name – Cassia auriculata)

  • Tenners Cassia helps lowers blood sugar and hence is very useful for diabetics.
  • Either buds of the plant or whole plant is used to prepare decoction for treating diabetes.
  • The herb can be dried, powdered and mixed with honey and taken.
  • Seeds and flowers of the plant are also beneficial.


  1. PL said:

    I am a diabetic for 10 years. I have been taking a lot of medication. I want to use a herbal remedy to help the blood sugar from high levels on mornings. I read about a combination of banyan fig leaves, guava leaves and mango leaves. What are the effects of these leaves uses in the body?

    March 6, 2010
    • You fall under maturity onset diabetes category, Diabetes Mellitus is abnormal high levels of blood glucose in the body, and it results from lack or insufficient insulin produced by pancreas which helps to metabolize carbohydrate, fats and proteins. The combination of these leaves are soaked in water overnight, squeezed in the morning .It has to be taken early in the morning. They probably have the action in stimulating the pancreas to produce more insulin.

      March 10, 2010
  2. RR said:

    There are many different treatments for diabetes. Ayurveda offers remedies and solutions for people who are suffering from this and many other diseases. Thank you for all of the helpful and natural information!

    July 22, 2010
  3. KV said:

    Can diabetes be cured completely by natural remedies? I am 17 year old boy and I have type 1 diabetes. I am taking insulin. Is there any permanent cure?

    August 2, 2012
    • PUP said:

      Unfortunately the answer is no. Diabetes cannot be completely cured and it is a lifelong disease. However, there are various ways which can help to control high blood sugar. Regular intake of medication and insulin is very necessary. Apart from this, following a strict diet and exercising regularly will help you to control high blood sugar.

      August 2, 2012

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