Cucumber Diabetes | Benefits of Eating Cucumber for Diabetics

Benefits of Cucumber for Diabetes

Recent studies show the relationship of cucumber and diabetes in terms of treating diabetes through cucumber. Although a lot of drugs have been formulated to cure diabetes, more and more people are looking at home remedies using natural and organic supplies to treat even serious diseases such as diabetes.

Health Benefits of Cucumber

There are several benefits that can be obtained out of consuming cucumber, and diabetes patients won’t find it hard to obtain these essential nutrients found in cucumber because the fruit can be found anywhere in the market and grocery stores.  However, for areas where tropical vegetables and fruits are scarce, you can use other fruits and vegetables that give out the same helpful nutrients such as mangoes.

But mangoes are high in sugar especially when consumed in a form of juice so diabetics should avoid using mango for cucumber substitute.  To know more about the use of cucumber and diabetes treatment, the following should be noted:

  • Based on researches, cucumber is found to contain a hormone needed by the beta cells present in the pancreas. This hormone is necessary for the pancreas to produce more insulin.
  • Cucumber contains carbohydrates that can be easily digested by the body that is why the Glycemic Index reflects zero content of the nutrient carbohydrates because of the manageability of carbohydrates present in the cucumber for diabetes patients.
    Carbohydrates are responsible for increasing glucose level in the body. If a vegetable is taken, such as cucumber that is low in carbohydrates, the effect can be very beneficial for diabetics. A Glycemic Index measures the presence of the nutrient carbohydrate in the body and its effects.
  • Cucumber has low sugar content and is therefore ideal for diabetics.
  • Cucumber is also known to have healing properties for skin infections. Diabetics are prone to various skin diseases so eating cucumber can help in combating the ailment.