Benefits Of Bitter Gourd For Diabetes: Bengal Gram And Broccoli

Let us now understand how Bitter Gourd, Bengal Gram, Broccoli are useful to control diabetes and lower blood sugar.

Bitter Gourd to fight Diabetes

Bitter Gourd contains substance that lowers blood sugar levels.

Bitter Gourd contains substance that lowers blood sugar levels.

  • Bitter gourd has excellent medicinal properties and is used as anti-diabetic medicine.
  • It has insulin like substance called plant-insulin that has proved beneficial in lowering blood and urine sugar levels. Hence it should be liberally used in the diet of a diabetic.
  • Juice extracted from 4 bitter gourds should be taken on an empty stomach ever morning.
  • Decoction prepared by boiling chopped bitter gourd in water is equally effective.
  • Powdered seeds of bitter gourd can be added to regular meals.
  • Bitter gourd is also a rich source of vitamins and minerals like Vitamin A, B, C and iron.
  • Regular use can prevent eye complications, hypertension, defective metabolism of carbohydrates and neuritis all associated with diabetes.

Bengal Gram To Control Diabetes

Bengal Gram to help control diabetes
Bengal Gram to help control diabetes
    • Bengal Gram also called chickpea is a valuable anti-diabetic food.
    • Ingestion of water extract of Bengal gram increases glucose utilization in diabetes.
    • When chronic diabetic patients were kept on a diet; that included liberal supplements of Bengal gram extract, their insulin requirement decreased from 40 units to 20 units a day.
    • Diabetic patients who were on a restricted diet, with limited intake of carbohydrates and liberal intake of Bengal gram extract, showed considerable improvement in their fasting sugar levels, glucose tolerance and urinary excretion of sugar.

How Is Broccoli Beneficial For Diabetics?

  • Broccoli is a popular food in Europe and is closely related to cauliflower.
  • It is rich in trace mineral chromium that lowers blood sugar. Hence it is a popular anti-diabetic food.
  • Chromium regulates blood sugar level; hence reduces medication, insulin needs of diabetics.
  • Chromium may successfully prevent the onset of full-fledged disease in case of mild diabetes.
  • For borderline cases it helps control glucose tolerance. Chromium also helps bring low blood sugar to normal.