Cloudy Urine in Diabetes: Causes and Management for Cloudy Urine Color

Avoid Having Cloudy Urine in Diabetes

If you have diabetes, cloudy urine may be one of the manifestations although it is not a direct effect of the disease but the effect of underlying illnesses associated with diabetes such as urinary tract infection or kidney failure.

Having cloudy urine or a change in urine color can be attributed to different factors, but cloudy urine can also be a normal physiological occurrence that does not pose any risk or harm. Drinking lots of milk, for instance, can make your urine cloudy due to excess of phosphate present in milk.

This condition is called phosphaturia. If you have noticed that your urine have become cloudy and if it is coupled with other symptoms such as pain while urination, puss in the urine, and or the presence of blood in the urine, you must consult a medical expert right away to diagnose your condition properly.

Causes of Cloudy Urine in Diabetes

In serious health conditions such as diabetes, urine color usually becomes altered due to the leaking excess of protein from the kidney that goes along with urine during the process of urination. This excess of protein in the kidneys is medically termed as proteinuria.

Proteinuria is also caused by high blood pressure and other renal problems. Other conditions aside from diabetes, cloudy urine can also be noticed from persons who have the following health situations:

  • Urinary tract infection
  • Pre-eclampsia among pregnant women
  • Prostate infection among males
  • Sexually transmitted infections specifically gonorrhea

Management of Cloudy Urine for Diabetics

To understand the cause of the changes in your urine, you must seek the advice of a professional medical practitioner. Meanwhile, you can do something to bring back the normal color of your urine such as limiting your protein intake and making some dietary adjustments.

Eat foods that are rich in zinc and essential acids including vitamin C. avoid eating food that contains large amount of sugar and avoid alcohol.