Is Pharyngitis Contagious: Symptoms And Treatment For Pharyngitis

Pharyngitis in common language is nothing but sore throat; it is inflammation of the pharynx or the back of throat. Frequently it is seen when a person has common cold or an attack of influenza. Pharyngitis can also involve tonsils.

Is Pharyngitis Contagious?

Pharyngitis is a contagious disease; the common organism to cause pharyngitis is streptococcus bacteria and H. influenza virus. The spread is through contact with mucus, nasal discharge and saliva of the infected person. The mode of spread is when a person sneezes, coughs or shares common articles and utensils such as drinking glasses, brush, handkerchiefs and towels etc.

Pharyngitis can occur at any age and both the sexes are equally vulnerable, children are more prone to pharyngitis as their immune system is not well developed compared to adults. Pharyngitis can be acute or chronic.

Symptoms Of Pharyngitis

  • Pain in the throat.
  • Red inflamed throat on examination.
  • Difficulty in swallowing.
  • Fever with chills
  • Lymph nodes around the neck are swollen.
  • Nasal discharge may be present.
  • Earache

How Long Is Pharyngitis Contagious?

Chronic pharyngitis is commonly seen in smokers, in patients having acid reflux disorder or people eating too much spicy food.

Acute pharyngitis remains contagious till the fever and other symptoms are not cured, it may take 48 to 72 hours to get relief from pain and fever when a person is on antibiotics therapy in streptococcus infection.

Treatment For Pharyngitis

  • Doctors of modern medicine treat pharyngitis patients with suitable antibiotics and anti- inflammatory medicines.
  • There are home remedies such as belleric myroblan, cinnamon, mango bark, fenugreek seeds, holi basil, liquorice, sage, and salt gargles to treat pharyngitis.
  • Person suffering from pharyngitis should not share common utensils and articles, he should maintain personal hygiene.
  • Salt water gargling at least three times in a day acts effectively in bringing pharyngitis condition to normal.


  1. Mary said:

    I had a very bad case of pharyngitis and was hospitalized. They put me on liquid antibiotics, liquid Hydrcodone, liquid lidocaine, steroids and Motrin for the fever I had for three days and now I’m scared to death to bring my daughter home.

    My throat was so swollen that all I could do was gurgle with ice water till I went to the hospital. I haven’t eaten for 4 days and it has been miserable at home. So if you see any white spot on your tongue and going down the back of your throat that means it’s getting bad, we had to use a flashlight to see it.

    I thought I just had strep or something and everything would be fine, but I had to spend Easter in the ER getting everything through IV and could barely eat.

    March 30, 2016
    • C R said:

      I have acute pharyngitis and I had it for a month already. They prescribed me reflex and it didn’t help. I also have a swollen tonsil on one side. The doctor told me that it was acute pharyngitis unspecified. Can you help me here please?

      May 31, 2016

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