What Causes Stretch Marks In Children? How To Get Rid Of Them?

People misconstrue about stretch marks as limited only to adults, especially women. Contrary to their belief, stretch marks can be present in any individual and even in children. Stretch marks are those shiny silvery lines that you notice on the skin surface of many people. They can be present at different sites.  They are relatively insignificant except for cosmetic appearance.

Stretch marks in children may appear in the same way as they appear in adults. In the beginning they are pinkish and red line, they slowly turn into silvery streaks. Stretch marks in children are produced when the collagen, a type of protein which keeps the skin elastic is not able to cope up with growth of the child.

The result is skin being pulled and stretched causing stretch marks. Let us know the reason for stretch marks in children.

Causes Of Stretch Marks In Children

  • During the stage of growth spurts: The child grows at a faster pace, especially during his or her puberty years. The collagen tissue in some children cannot keep the pace with this dramatic growth spurt.  The result is stretching of skin in various region of the body. The normal site for stretch marks in children is hips, thighs, arms, buttocks and in adolescent girls the breast.
  • Children who pursue fitness and body building activities.
  • Obese children are facing the problem as their skin stretches than it should to make place for excess of fat. The skin may not be able to be as elastic to adjust more fat.
  • For some medical reason children who are taking steroid for long time may have risk of gaining weight. They can develop stretch marks.

How To Get Rid Of Stretch Marks In Children?

Once the stretch marks develop, they stay permanently. The only icing to the cake is with time they become fade and less noticeable.

  • Vitamin E oil: applying vitamin E oil on the stretch marks is one of the time tested way to reduce its visibility. There are creams available which contain vitamin E.
  • Applying cocoa butter also helps to reduce stretch marks.
  • Child should eat foods that are rich in vitamin E and C. Both are good for the skin. They maintain health and elasticity of skin intact for a longer time.
  • Child should remain well hydrated. They should drink enough water. Dryness and dehydration of skin for long time may trigger stretch mark formation.
  • When they are very deep and more obvious, parents may prefer laser treatment for their child. Laser stimulates collagen production and helps in repairing the damaged fabric of skin.
  • Self tanning make is useful in hiding more obvious stretch marks.

Preventing Stretch Marks In Children

  • Exercise helps to keep the skin more elastic and toned. There are fewer chances of stretch marks in a child who does regular exercise. It also prevents obesity which is one of the main reasons for stretch marks in children.
  • One cannot prevent the spurt of growth in children, but at the same time to prevent stretch marks, they should eat more of nutritious diet consisting of vitamin E and C. Both tend to prevent stretch marks.
  • Children should drink enough water to keep their skin well hydrated.

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