Phlegmy Cough In Toddler: Treat Phlegmy Cough in Babies

Phlegmy Cough in Toddler

Colds are common in children, especially in toddlers, because of their very active and playful lifestyle that increases the risk of them getting respiratory infections. These respiratory infections result in phlegmy cough in toddler. Early treatment is crucial to avoid further sickness that commonly starts with respiratory ailments.

Causes of Phlegmy Cough in Children

  • Bronchiolitis
  • Inhalation of second-hand smoke
  • Croup
  • Breathing spasms
  • Upper respiratory tract infection
  • Airway blockage

Home Remedies and Phlegmy Cough in Babies Treatment

  • Drinks lots of water and fruit juices: Water thins the phlegm that makes it easier to cough out.
    And most natural fruit juices, especially those from the citrus family, contain large amounts of ascorbic acid that hastens the healing process and avoids recurrence of phlegmy cough in toddler.
  • Eucalyptus oils: Through an improvised steam, eucalyptus oil has soothing effects that soothe sore throats and facilitate the loosening of mucus that lessens congestion and easy expectoration.
  • Honey: A spoonful of honey can also be of help. This coats the throat and lessens the soreness, which is brought by the phlegm cough. Don’t give this to younger children because this may cause botulism due to the immature defenses that are yet to be developed as they grow older.
  • Avoid cough suppressants: Choose mucolytics instead because these loosen the thick mucus in the respiratory tract. Cough suppressants are only advised for non-phlegmy cough. Coughing out is encouraged for phlegm coughs because this is a means to expectorate the phlegm.