Natural Cough Suppressant For Toddlers: Cough Home Remedies For Babies

Cough is natural response by the body to keep the throat and airway clear of mucus and other respiratory secretions. Respiratory diseases are common during early infancy and childhood. This is because kids and toddlers have low immune level; rather their immune system is not well developed. Virus and bacteria gain easy access in their body.

Sneezing, cough and cold is the commonest ailment in toddlers. It is a type of virus disease where there is inflammation of the mucus membrane of throat and nose. Besides post nasal secretion while lying down irritate the larynx causing cough.

Air pollution, insufficient ventilation, dust and allergies are also some other reasons for a child to contract upper respiratory tract infections.

Cough disturbs a toddler in many ways, he is not able to have a sound sleep, his food intake decreases and so does his energy level. In order to relieve him from this annoying condition, cough suppressants are often effective. Considering the tender age and body mechanism, simple cough suppressant home remedies and natural cures are best suited for toddlers and kids having cough and cold.

Cough Suppressant Home Remedies For Babies

Cough suppressant for toddler’s home remedies include

  • Keep the child well hydrated.
    Let him drink plenty of fluids. Lukewarm water with few drops of lemon is beneficial. A teaspoon of honey is also effective when added to water. Let the child drink this water whenever he wants.
  • A warm bath is effective for the toddler as it clears his airways due to vapor from the bathwater. You can add eucalyptus oil in bathwater and gain added advantage of this essential oil.
  • Cool mist humidifier and vaporizers are effective in suppressing toddlers cough. Some time dry air aggravates cough in children, during that period humidifiers are great help.
  • Mix olive oil and eucalyptus oil and massage it over the chest of your kid. Cover his chest with clothing to get maximum benefit of eucalyptus oil vapor.
  • If you are breast feeding your toddler, do not stop it because breast feeding is helpful in suppressing the cough in toddler.

Natural Cough Remedies For Toddlers

  • Honey 1 tsp, garlic juice 1 tsp and turmeric powder. Let your kid take this mixture at night one hour before sleeping. It reduces night time coughing.
  • Chicken soup is effective in suppressing cough in kids. Give him daily for few days at least once in a day. Chicken soup acts as natural cough suppressant remedy for kids.
  • Naturally available herbs such a marshmellow, slippery elm, sundew, etc are effective in suppressing cough in kids.
  • Prepare liquorice tea. It has effective natural anti bacterial activity. It is useful to fight the bacteria that causes cough. It soothes and calms the throat and respiratory system.
  • Boil few basil leaves in water. Give this water to your kid four times in a day. Basil leaves are effective remedy for suppressing cough.