Anxiety In Children Symptoms: Natural Remedies For Anxiety Disorders

Anxiety in children is fairly common and is expected during very specific time during their development. Often some of the anxiety in children is normal, especially first day of going to school or first stage show. However excessive anxiety may interfere with the child’s ability to lead a normal and socially interactive life. Counseling is often required to treat anxiety disorder among children and help them develop some coping skills.

Causes Of Anxiety Disorders In Children

There are a wide range of factors that are responsible for anxiety in children,

  • Separation Anxiety or the anxiety of being alone or away from familiar people is common among children.
    Children may respond by throwing tantrums, clinging, crying or behaving manipulatively. As age passes, separation anxiety tends to reduce significantly
  • Unpleasant experiences or traumatic incidences tend to make the child anxious. These situation imbibe a sense of fear in the child and results in the labeling of the event or activity as ‘dangerous’. E.g. fall from the swing may result in fear and anxiety of sitting on the swing
  • School related problems are another common cause of anxiety while going to school. Bullying or strict teacher are some of the factors that can make a child anxious
  • Family problems can have a detrimental impact on the child’s mind and may cause the child to become anxious and fearful of home.
  • Often children tend to imitate their parents or loved ones and tend to pick up anxious behavior from them. Overprotective parents may result in anxiety disorder in children

Symptoms Of Anxiety In Children

Though in most children, fear and anxiety is short lived and with daily experiences of life, they gradually develop the requisite coping skills to tackle anxiety.

Some of the common symptoms associated with anxiety among children include,

  • Bed wetting with night terrors and nightmares
  • Avoiding socially interactive activities like school events
  • Difficulty in making friends with the constant fear of making mistakes
  • Compulsive behavior like checking the closet or under the bed before going to sleep
  • Fear of embarrassment and low self esteem and lack of confidence
  • Frequent and constant feeling of panic and disruption of normal activities

Natural Remedies For Anxiety In Children

There are some simple therapies that can help in treatment of anxiety naturally among children,

  • Play therapy is a technique which is used by psychologist and helps children cope with their anxiety. Children are allowed to enact their fears and anxieties which help them overcome their problems
  • Natural herbs like St John’s Wart and Nutmeg  is considered effective in the management of anxiety in children
  • Homeopathic drugs like Passiflora or Scuttelaria are effective in the management of anxiety and are free from any side effects or complications.
  • Consuming a glass full of milk with a few strings of saffron is beneficial in management of anxiety. Milk is a mood food and helps relieve stress while saffron enhances mental and memory functions.