Urticaria Pigmentosa In Children And Babies: Urticaria Pigmentosa Symptoms

Question: I would like to know what are the causes and symptoms of urticaria pigmentosa in children and babies. What are the available options for treatment of urticaria pigmentosa in children?
Answer: Urticaria pigmentosa in children and babies is most common although adults are also affected. It is the result of mastocytosis of the skin. It is a rare disease caused due to excessive mast cells in the skin that cause hive or brown lesions when irritated due to scratching or rubbing.

Symptoms of Urticaria Pigmentosa in Children

  • Brown lesion on the skin
  • A bump resembling a hive appears when the skin is rubbed.
  • Fluid filled blister when scratched in young children.
  • Flushed face.
  • Diarrhea in severe form of urticaria pigmentosa.
  • Headache
  • Increased heartbeats
  • Fainting which in uncommon, but when present it is serious.

Urticaria Pigmentosa in children Causes

The exact cause is not clear but it is observed to be due to increased level of histamine in the body. The triggering factor may be emotional stress, physical stimuli, eye drops containing dextran.

Treatment Of Urticaria Pigmentosa In Children

Urticaria pigmentosa in children gradually gets better as the child grows into adulthood.

Doctors may prescribe antihistamines to treat urticaria pigmentosa in children and babies. The main aim is to get relief from itching. Children should be given the medicine under the guidance of the doctor with a suitable dosage as advised by the doctor.

Severe allergic reaction is observed if there is a bee sting in children suffering from urticaria pigmentosa. Therefore it is important to prevent the child from bee sting.

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