Causes of Tonsillitis: Natural Remedies For Chronic Tonsillitis

Tonsillitis means inflammation of tonsils. It occurs frequently up to the age of 15 years. Predisposing factors for tonsillitis include:

  • Pre-existing chronic tonsillitis
  • Pre-existing upper respiratory infection
  • Post-nasal discharge
  • General lowering of resistance

Exogenous factors include:

  • Ingestion of cold-drinks or food may directly cause infection.
  • Contagion- i.e. infection may be contacted from other individual having infection.
  • Pollution and crowded ill-ventilated environment.

Commonly responsible causative organisms for tonsillitis are:

  • Respiratory gram positive cocci like, streptococci, staphylococcus and pneumococcus. Of these hemolytic streptococcus has a special predilection for tonsils.

Tonsillitis is the term given to a condition wherein there is an infection of the tonsils.

The infection may be a precursor or due to fever and may be accompanied by sore throat. Because the tonsils are situated in the throat area, it is common for people to mistake the two as the same. This is not the case always.

Tonsillitis refers only to an infection of the tonsils, which are located on both sides of the mouth cavity. On the other hand, sore throat is a general term referring to soreness in any area of the throat.

Symptoms Of Tonsillitis

  • Raw sensation in throat.
  • Pain in throat which is aggravated by swallowing.
  • Voice may become hoarse.
  • On examination tonsils are swollen and congested. Foul breath or halitosis may be present.
  • General symptoms like malaise, fever and headache may be present.

Signs Of Chronic Tonsillitis

Tonsillitis is classified as chronic when it is recurring. It is commonly caused by bacterial infection. In terms of duration, it may last for several days especially if left untreated. Chronic tonsillitis is the most severe type of tonsillitis as it causes the most extreme pain.

The following are the signs of chronic tonsillitis:

  • A severe sore throat that causes great difficulty in swallowing.
  • Coughing, fever, headache. In some cases, patients may experience chilling, especially during night.
  • The tonsils become swollen and red. The tonsils are also dotted by white patches that represent the infection.  In rare cases, pus may be expelled from these white patches.
  • There is a severe pain in the neck area when the person opens his mouth.

Home Remedies To Prevent And Cure Tonsillitis

  • Avoid foods like cold foods and drinks, curd, buttermilk, pickles, fried foods, spicy foods.
  • Eat foods that are soft and easy to swallow.
  • Drink plenty of warm liquids like tea, coffee or soup.
  • Crowded and ill ventilated places should be avoided.
  • Wear a scarf or cover the mouth with handkerchief to avoid smoke and air pollution.
  • Avoid frequent head baths and rain showers especially during acute phase.
  • Apply hot fomentation on front of neck externally.
  • Gargling should be done after every four hours with a pinch of salt in a glass of warm water.
  • Garlic cloves are crushed and a paste is made out of it and mixed with honey and applied to the inflamed tonsil with a cotton swab.
  • Add turmeric powder (one teaspoon) in a glass of a warm milk and sugar to taste and should be taken twice daily for five days.
  • Dry ginger powder boiled in a cup of water can also be used for gargling for relieving congestion and hoarseness of voice.

Natural Cures For Chronic Tonsillitis

Because tonsillitis is an ailment that is fairly common among people, there are plenty of home remedies for tonsillitis treatment. Aside from being easy to make and find, these are easily available. The following are some of the most common tonsillitis home remedies:

  • Lime: Mix lime with lukewarm water sprinkled with salt and sip slowly. The lime and salt combination produces a soothing sensation as it passes by the affected tonsils.
  • Prepare a mixture of freshly boiled milk and a sprinkle of turmeric powder and pepper powder. The mixture should be drunk before going to sleep for three consecutive nights.
  • Prepare a mixture of juices from fresh carrots, beet, and cucumber. The juice should be taken regularly until the ailment is cured.
  • There are various lozenges available over-the-counter from drugstores that provide a soothing relief. These lozenges are technically medicines in themselves, although they are flavored. The flavoring makes them easy to chew, especially when they contain menthol.