Retractile Testicle: Retractile Testicle In Infants Treatment

Retractile Testicle

What is retractile testicles? Occurring during the pre-natal period, a retractile testicle happens when the baby is still developing in the womb. This condition is a typical sign of incomplete sexual development in babies. When the testicle has not come down a month before the birth, the result is the baby having this condition. This is a normal and harmless condition as the testicle voluntarily goes down as the child grows. However, it would usually take months or years before the reproductive organ reaches normalcy.

Retractile Testicle Treatment

The following are some options for retractile testicles treatment:

  • Parents, mothers in particular, should always check the development of the child’s scrotum.
  • At a normal rate, the testicle should reach full development before puberty. If your child reaches puberty, it is important seek medical attention regarding his retractile testicle.
  • Parents must be keen and vigilant toward the child’s condition as it may affect the sexual performance of the child in the future.

Retractile Testicle In Infants

  • In some cases, surgery is often the solution in correcting the condition. Surgeons correct the condition by finding ways to properly place the scrotum.
  • On the other hand, hormone therapy is also considered an effective alternative to surgery. Hormone therapy is one bloodless and painless way to push the testicles to its proper location.
  • Counseling must also be given to the child to avoid feelings of embarrassment and having low self-esteem.
  • Effective support mechanism should also be adopted by parents in making the child understand the situation.

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