Night Vomiting In Children: Causes and Treatment of Nighttime Vomiting

Night vomiting in children is quite rare, but the usual causes include the following:

Causes of Night Vomiting In Kids

  • Overeating at night meal.
  • Acid reflux or GERD due to lying in bed or sleeping right after eating at night
  • Upper respiratory tract infections
  • Food poisoning
  • Sinus problem or post-nasal drip.
  • The mucus tends to collect in the stomach during nighttime while the child is asleep and cause vomiting.
  • Unlike daytime, the child expels the mucus through different ways; mucus expulsion can even be induced.
  • Early tumor sign

Home Remedies for Night Vomiting in Children

If vomiting in children at night persists for a week, you should consider taking your child to a pediatrician for proper diagnosis. For the meantime, you can apply these home remedies to soothe your child from the stress vomiting can cause.

  • Apply some eucalyptus oil on your child’s chest to induce him to go back to sleep. The vapors of eucalyptus oil can also soothe and improve respiration.
  • Place a vaporizer in his room to soften the mucus and free the air passages from any blockage.
    This will also help in expelling collected mucus in the stomach. Preferably, use plain water and do away with putting artificial scents in the water as this could cause allergic reaction that may further irritate your child.
  • Close all windows and door to moisturize the room. This would maintain softness of mucus and easier to expel unlike dry and hard mucus.
  • Feed your child some warm soup to increase his fluid in the body. Nighttime vomiting in children can flush out important ions in the body, and to keep your child hydrated, it is important to keep his body fluids up.
  • Make your child sip small amounts of water just to keep him hydrated. Avoid giving him too much water because this might cause to have another vomiting fit. Lime juice with water would be good for him.

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