Newborn Hiccups After Feeding: How To Prevent Hiccups In Infants

Newborn Hiccups Remedy

Newborn hiccups after feeding can be due to the following causes:

  • Sudden irritation or stimulation of the muscles in the diaphragm resulting to contractions, which is commonly called hiccups.
  • Breast milk, baby foods, or formula milk
  • Sudden drop of temperature or when the infant feels suddenly cold
  • Gastroesophageal reflux disease or GERD among babies
  • When hiccups are persistent, it could be a sign of underlying medical condition that needs immediate attention.
  • Swallowing of air during bottle feeding
  • Hunger or distress can make your infant suck milk more quickly resulting to hiccups.

Newborn Hiccups After Eating Cure

  • Allow your child to burp to prevent newborn hiccups after eating.
  • Give your child a gentle back rub to help him expel excess air in his tummy.
  • Give your infant something to suck on.
  • Let your infant sip some water or feed him with water using a bottle feeder.
  • When your child is showing distress during feeding, change your child’s position to help him relax.
  • You can also stop feeding your child and resume later when the hiccup stops.

How to Prevent Hiccups Among Infants

  • Make sure that your baby is drinking his milk as slowly as possible.
  • In order to avoid quick sucking on the feeding bottle, do not wait until your child gets extremely hungry. Feed him while he is still calm.
  • Let your infant burp in between feedings.
  • Before feeding your child, be sure that he is comfortable and not agitated in any way.