Newborn Blocked Tear Duct: Remedies to Unblock Baby, Infant Tear Duct

Does your baby have those unusual watery eyes? Well, tears are just normal mechanisms of the body especially when it is cleaning your eyes from dirt or other blemishes. In the case of babies however, the watering of their eyes can be a sign of delay in the development of the tear duct.

Newborn blocked tear duct happens in babies because the tear duct still has not fully developed at the baby’s time of birth. Out there, about one in every five newborns has less developed tear duct that can affect the eyes.

As parents however, having proper knowledge of blocked tear duct in babies will help you figure out what is the best thing to do.

What Happens in Babies with Newborn Blocked Tear Duct?

Baby blocked tear duct happens when the tear duct does not develop fully. Cases of blocked tear duct normally happen after a few weeks of the baby’s birth. If you observe in your baby that the tear duct remains blocked when the baby reaches twelve months of age, your doctor can advise you to see an eye specialist who will further probe on the possible solutions for this problem.

Home Remedies and Treatment Mommies Can Do

Mommies certainly do not have to worry when their child experiences blocked tear duct babies. A blocked tear duct is usually harmful and goes away without further treatment. However, if there is a pasty and gluey material developing in the eyes of the baby, you can wipe it with a moistened cotton wool. Moisten the wool with sterile water to prevent bacteria from reaching your baby. Massaging the tear duct at least five times a day will also help unblock it. You can do this by gently pressing the nose. This exercise can help clear the tears that stick up in the duct and for the tear duct to fully develop.