Natural Treatments for Heat Boils in Children | Treat Heat Boils in Child

Natural Treatment for Heat Boils:

Too much body heat that results to the eruption of the skin and skin infection are the two most probable causes of your child’s heat boils. Ensure that her environment is clean and well ventilated. Poor diet and improper food intake is another sound reason.

Home Remedies for Heat Boils:

Here are simple things you can do to treat heat boils.

  • Check your child’s clothing. She might be wearing clothes that are inappropriate for the weather, season, and temperature. Since most heat boils occur during hot days, keep her donned with light colored and cool clothes.
    Do not make her wear hot and tight clothing.
  • Regulate her internal heat by making her eat the right food. Do not feed her too much carbohydrate that would only increase her body heat. Avoid allowing her to eat too much chocolate.
  • Let her eat citrus fruits to refresh her body. Prepare her guava juice because it is an effective cooling agent. Yogurt will also help her because it will regulate her body heat and provide the necessary nutrients.
  • Make her drink water or juice regularly and in large quantities especially during hot days.
    Her average fluid intake in a day should at least be two liters in a day. This will result to healthy perspiration and immediate replacement of the fluid lost.
  • Too much sweating caused by improper ventilation in the sleeping and playing areas of your child contributes to the worsening of her heat boils. Ensure that sufficient airflow is provided to these areas to allow her to play comfortably and dry off her perspiration.
  • Apply on her body, especially her upper torso, a generous amount of talcum powder after bath to provide her body protection from heat and coolness throughout the day because it absorbs well perspiration. Avoid cornstarch baby powder because it will only worsen her body heat.
  • Apply warm compress on the skin areas of your child that are affected by the heat boils. Perform the process for at least twenty minutes and maximum of thirty. Repeat this process for at least every two hours to see reduction in inflammation.
  • You can also use sliced tomatoes that are heated by placing them on the afflicted areas. Another home remedy for boils that is effective is the application of garlic. They have effective antiseptics characteristics. Apply mashed cloves of garlic and relieve her pain.