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How much should an 11 year old weigh? 


BMI for Child

Unfortunately, there is no fixed weight for any age group as weight is directly related to the height and the composition of the body and not to the age of the child.

It is important to realize that young children have growth spurts, especially during teenage. It is possible that in such situation, the child may present with weight loss, as they tend to add a few inches in height. During this age dramatic changes in the bone composition, weight, height and fat distribution are observed.

The Body Mass Index is a simple calculator, which can give rough estimates of the height and the weight of children during a particular age. However deviation from these standards should not be a matter of concern unless some major growth retardation or obesity is observed.

As per the BMI index a male would weight about 77 pounds (or 35 kg) and would be four feet four inches tall while a female would weight 79.2 pounds (36 kg) with the same height, at this age. A deviation of ten pounds should not be a matter of concern.