Infant Swollen Testicle | Causes of Swelling in Testicle of Children

For a mother, there is nothing more alarming than noticing a seemingly abnormality on their newborn child or among any of her kids. If you are one of the mothers who are worrying about the swelling testicles of their newborn, then you should read on.

Cause of Swollen Testicle in Children

If your child is a newborn, you should know that a swollen testicle in child is normal especially right after being born.  The following are further elaborations of your baby swollen testicle:

  • Newborn babies are normally born with extra fluid in their body, and they expel this excess fluid in a few days time through normal excretory functions of the body.
    A baby is typically born with 10 percent extra weights, mostly water, in their body, and they are segregated in the different parts of the body such as the face and the genital area, causing swollen testicle in child.
  • Maternal hormones also result to testicle swelling among infants because of the excess hormones babies usually get just before they are delivered.
  • Another reason for baby swollen testicle is due to hydrocele or the accumulation of fluid coming from the abdomen in the child’s testicles.
    This condition is harmless and does not cause pain to the child. Excess fluid in the child’s testicles normally goes away after within the first year of the baby.

When to Seek Medical Advice

After a year, if your baby’s testicles remain swollen, you should consult an expert or a pediatrician to check on your baby’s condition. Although this is not an alarming condition, it may require minor surgery to release the fluid in your baby’s testicle. The minor surgery might also require closing the open abdominal wall of your child to treat the swelling.

To ensure the health of your baby especially concerning his genitals, consult your pediatrician regularly.