How to Stop Bed Wetting in Children | Home Remedies for Bed Wetting

What is Bed Wetting?

By around age 4, children start gaining control over bladder and stop urinating in their bed at night (and stay dry). But in some even beyond the age of 5, control is not developed, especially in boys and leads to bed-wetting.

Symptoms of Bed Wetting

  • Even beyond the age of 5-6 years involuntary loss of nighttime bladder control.

Causes of Bed Wetting

  • Psychological factors are rarely responsible for persistent bed-wetting.
  • Deficiency of the hormone ‘┼ôvasopressin’┬Ł, that regulates flow of urine between the kidneys and bladder and genetic component can be one of the causes of bedwetting
  • Urinary tract infections, diabetes, epilepsy, kidney problems, unusually small bladder, mental retardation and developmental disorders maybe the physical causes.

Home remedies to stop Bed Wetting

  1. During the day, let your children hold the urine for a long time. This will encourage bladder control.
  2. Plenty of fluid in-take during the day and only small quantities when required at night.
  3. Involve your child in daily activities like arranging bed, laundering the sheets.
  4. Diapers should be used only till the age of four. Nighttimes make children wear extra thick pairs of underwear to absorb the urine. Arrange a plastic cover on their bedding topped with 2 sets of sheets, with a rubber pad between them.
  5. Before going to bed, get the child to empty his bladder to the maximum.

How can one prevent Bed Wetting

  • Encourage the child to get up to urinate, even several hours after bedtime.
  • Do not scold your child for bed-wetting. Convince him that the condition can be overcome gradually.
  • Praise your child for dry nights and reward him/her.