How To Break A Fever In A Child: How To Break A Fever In A Toddler

How To Break A Fever In A Toddler

The rise in body temperature from normal, in a person is referred to as fever. In medical terms if the oral temperature is above 99.8degreefrn or rectal temperature is above 100.4degreefrn it is defined as fever.

In most, but not all, cases, fever indicates that the child is suffering from some sort of illness.

By itself, a fever is not harmful; in fact it may help the body to fight infections more effectively.

High fever in children can result from viral infections, like cold, flu or measles.

Bacterial infections can also cause high fevers in children. Streptococcus infection, staphylococcus infection can cause high fever.

A complication of fever in children is febrile convulsions.

Parents will always be worried to break the fever in child. Here are some guidelines about it:

  • When your child has fever give him sufficient quantity of water, because fever causes dehydration.
  • Dress the child lightly and do not wrap him in blankets.
  • If the fever is above 101degreefrn, sponge the child with lukewarm water for half an hour until the temperature comes down to 100degreefrn.
    This way you can break the fever in child.
  • Place the child in a cool room or in an air-conditioned room if possible.
  • If the child is less than three months of age and fever is more than 100degreefrn, immediately contact the doctor.
  • Your child may not be hungry during fever, give him nutritious foods like vegetable soups, wholemeal toast, fruit juice, yogurt and rice.
  • If the child is older, give him ginger tea mixed with honey, ginger is known natural antipyretic remedy.
  • Conventional antipyretic medicines as prescribed by your doctor can break the fever in a child.

Most important thing is to ascertain the cause of fever in a child, if the parents are not sure of the cause of fever; a pediatrician’s opinion becomes necessary.