Natural Remedies For Diaper Rash: Symptoms & How Does It Develop?

Rashes in babies and children on their bottom who wear diaper are quite common and are called diaper rash. It is a skin reaction localized to the area ordinarily covered by a diaper. No mother would like to see diaper rash on her baby’s bottom.

Although it is not a serious health problem, diaper rash is an annoyance and discomfort to the child. To a large extent, at some point in their infancy, babies may suffer from diaper rash. It is that red, irritating skin on the bottom of a baby that makes her cry when she rolls or sits.

Diaper rash is a type of dermatitis which develops as a result of many predisposing factors.

What Causes Diaper Rash?

  • The major reason for development of diaper rash is that the skin remains in contact with diaper which is soiled with urine and stool for a prolonged period of time. Feces and ammonia in decomposed urine present in soiled diaper is the main cause to produce diaper rash on the delicate and gentle skin of the child.
  • Wearing a diaper for long duration may cause retention of sweat and the sweat glands in bottom may be plugged, as a result rash pops up from the delicate skin around the bottom.
  • Mother being too assiduous in cleaning the affected area may aggravate the condition further.
  • Maceration caused by continuous contact with wet diaper and increased by the moist heat produced by an impervious rubber or plastic cover.
  • Wearing a tight fitting diaper or irritating substance in diaper may cause diaper rash. It may cause mechanical irritation in area of friction.
  • In some children there is inherent tendency for skin irritation. There is propensity for irritation in the anal and genital folds as well as vulnerability to secondary yeast and bacterial infections.

How Does Diaper Rash Look Like?

The skin around the bottom becomes red and inflamed. Tiny bumps develop soon after. The child becomes irritated and fussy. He likes to be carried always as it hurts when he sits on his bottom.

Many times there is secondary yeast infection and peeling of skin is often present. Secondary bacterial infection may occur as a result of increased bacterial activity in that area.

Natural Remedies For Diaper Rash

Important: The infant or child’s bottom should be kept dry. Preferably change diapers often or stop using diapers. Use a hair-dryer with warm setting to dry the skin.

Prompt changing of diapers after urination and appropriate cleansing of skin with each change of diaper halts further aggravation and facilitates healing of rash that are already present. In fact it is better that the child should remain bare bottom whenever possible.

Seek medical assistance immediately if you suspect bladder infection or yeast/fungal infection sets in.

Few homeopathic medicines are also beneficial to eliminate diaper rash in a child. Homeopathic medicines are selected on specific symptoms.

    • Urine has a very foul smell, extremely sour; skin itches and reddens; the child wants to be held, carried and comforted; also accompanied by diarrhea due to the intake of sour or unfamiliar food.
      Remedy – Acidum benzoicum.
    • Rash is present particularly during teething; the child is very moody; wants to be carried always; complains in annoying, crying voice; shows a lot of temper tantrums.
      Remedy – Chamomilla 200.
    • Pustules are similar to chicken pox, with pale to light red color; skin is hot, extremely itchy and is swollen.               Remedy – Rhus toxicodendron.