Chronic Vomiting In Children: Causes, Treatment of Frequent Vomiting

One of the most common ailments among children is vomiting. That is not quite surprising since children are still on the process of getting used to different tastes and types of food. Some food could still be a shock to their system once tasted and it could result to chronic vomiting in children. Other causes of frequent vomiting in children include:

Causes of Frequent and Recurrent Vomiting In Children

  • Stomach flu
  • Food poisoning through consumption of food with bacteria
  • Intestinal illnesses due to bacteria or virus
  • Cough and common cold
  • Infection in the bladder
  • Obstruction on the intestines

Natural Treatment for Persistent Vomiting in Children

Recurrent vomiting in children is common, and it would be best if you would send your child to a medical expert should the chronic vomiting persists exceeds 12 hours.

Vomiting may be common, but if left untreated, your child would be at risk to dehydration and its complications. At the onset of chronic vomiting or after your child vomited for two consecutive times, apply the following home treatment for persistent vomiting in children.

Try these home remedies:

  • Let your child take a few sips of lime juice. If your child can, let him drink at least half glass of lime juice. Gradually increase your child’s fluid intake to avoid dehydration
  • Give your child a teaspoon of ginger juice mixed with honey to prevent and stop nausea.
  • Feed your child some broth or warm soup to replenish the fluids that were surely lost during vomiting.
  • Allow your child to rest since chronic vomiting in children and even among adults could drain down energy.
  • Give your child a cup of ginger tea to immediately stop the vomiting.
  • Fruit juices can also significantly increase your child’s fluid level and replenish lost ions in the body.