Fever in Children – Natural Remedies, Causes | Prevent Child Fever

Child Fever Treatments:

Elevation of temperature above normal of body is termed as fever. Fever is a sign of disease and not a disease in itself. Different types of diseases can cause fever ranging from low grade to high grade fever with variable in intensity.

Home Remedies for Fever:

  • Cold sponging is very helpful in treating fever. Child should be open without cloths and whole body should be sponged with cold water under running fan. This should be done to five minutes. This causes immediate lowering of fever. Ice-packs on the forehead are equally useful.
  • Garlic is helpful, along with the fruits and vegetable juices and herb tea.
  • Enemas of catnip tea are an outstanding way to lower fevers. Enemas as useful tool in bringing down high grade fever and helps keep fever down for quite a period of time. Congestion and constipation can be a resisting factor for bringing down fever. Enemas can bring down the fever in this case.
  • Give barley water to a child with high fever. Because it has not irritating properties. It is helpful when chest lining or intestinal lining in inflamed. Cooked rice water is very helpful in reducing fever.
  • For a feverish child, place a grape or strawberry within a cube of frozen fruit juice and let him suck on it.

Prevention of Fever:

  • Child who is getting excellent sunshine, nutrition, exercise, rest, fresh air etc. is usually protected from any serious complication with fever due to high immunity.
  • Milk in excess should be avoided and carbohydrate (one that are refined). Sugar in any form, fried foods and junk foods should be avoided to prevent fever.
  • As a supplementary diet one should include minerals and vitamin. Give fresh vegetables and fruits, whole grains, nuts and legumes. Child who has received excellent lifestyle and nutrition will usually have strong immunity and will be able to fight the onslaught of the fever. Even if such children contract the fever it will only be of mild and brief form and will not of any complication and serious.
  • Putting too many cloths on a child can actually cause a fever.
  • One should remember that fever is caused due to some infection and hence the root cause has to be eradicated and the fever along with it. Above given measures will help only in viral fever without organic involvement.
  • Child has to be thoroughly investigated if fever remains for more than five days.