Best Formula For Gassy Babies: Home Remedies And Causes Of Gassy Pain

New born babies often suffer from gas problem. It is generally observed between 6 to 8 weeks in a baby. As the baby grows older gassy problem in babies minimize. Gassy problem in babies is equally common in breast fed and formula fed babies.

Causes Of Gassy Pain In Infants And Babies

  • Swallowing air while breast feeding.
  • Excessive flow of breast milk which make the baby to suffocate and thus swallow air while feeding.
  • Allergic to lactose content in formula milk.
  • Improper positioning during nursing or bottle feeding causing baby to swallow air.
  • If the mother eats gas producing food.
    Cabbage, legumes etc, may cause gas in breast feeding child.

Home Remedies For Gassy Babies

  • If the mother is having overactive letdown and extra foremilk, it become difficult for the baby to gulp, in such cases mother should extract little milk before letting to the baby.
  • Try feeding different diet products when feeding formula diet. This will help to eliminate the gas producing formula.
  • Always burp the baby after feeding, keep him in upright position for half an hour after feeding.
  • If there is lactose intolerance, give commercially available lactose free milk formulas.
  • Massage for gassy baby: Massage gently with essential oil such as peppermint oil on the abdomen, this will facilitate the gas to pass due to pressure on the abdomen.
  • Giving probiotic drops reduces clinical problems faced by gassy infants. It helps to digest the food content.
  • Proper positioning of the baby while feeding prevents the excess air entry in the stomach.