Infant Runny Nose Home Remedies | Baby Stuffy Nose Causes, Treatments

Causes of Runny Nose in Babies

There could be a lot of reasons why your 1-year-old baby is experiencing runny nose. For one, it could be a sign of bacterial or viral infection. Another is allergic reaction to certain foods or milk. Cold air is another culprit of your 1 year old stuffy nose while allergens such as pollen, animal fur, and dust can also lead to runny nose that could sometimes cause low grade fever.

For a parent, it pays to know that up to 2 year old, runny nose would be a common occurrence on your child.

According to experts, a child under two years old would experience runny nose at least eight times in a year due to constant contact and exposure to different allergens mentioned above. To treat this, you can apply home remedies that will effectively cure your baby of 1 year old runny nose.

Home Remedies for Baby’s Runny Nose

  • Place two drops of saline water or spray it directly to your baby’s nostril. Let the solution stay in your baby’s nose for 2 to 3 minutes. Saline water will help flush out the toxins that cause irritation and runny nose to your baby.
  • Suck out the excess mucus by getting a rubber ear bulb. Place it on one of your baby’s nostril and gently suck the mucus out. Empty the rubber ear bulb to a disposable towel and repeat the process to the other nostril. Be sure to use sterilized rubber ear bulb before using it on your baby.
  • Give your baby lots of fluids to replenish lost fluids in the body due to nose dripping and/or crying out of discomfort. Fluids will also help your baby flush out excess mucus naturally.
  • Make his environment clean and free from allergens.
    Wearing mittens on your baby’s hands will help in preventing direct contact of the virus to your baby.