Baby Neck Rash: Causes And Treatment For Neck Rash In Infants

Babies and infants are susceptible to many skin problems and one such condition is rash which is frequently seen in deep creases of the skin folds, especially in neck.

Causes Of Neck Rash In Babies

  • Babies are more vulnerable to have rash in neck due to moisture from sweat, spit up and drool. Heat and high humidity predispose to miliaria rash, a condition of rash with itching and tiny red eruption.
  • You may find rash more commonly in chubby babies, as there is more skin crease around their neck area. Moisture creates a conducive environment for yeasts to grow in neck skin folds and cause infant rash.
  • Itching, redness, and skin irritation is generally observed in babies having neck rash.

Treatment For Neck Rash In Babies And Infants

Most important thing for baby neck rash is dryness in that area, to prevent moisture in the neck folds.

  • For this you have to regularly dry the neck area.
  • Do not use soaps having chemical irritants.
  • Use cornstarch locally on the neck area, with precaution not to apply it on face.
  • If the rash continues or if there is oozing from the rash, consult a pediatrician, he may prescribe some anti-fungal powder after clinically examining the baby.
  • Even after the rash from neck has disappeared, remember to prevent it by taking proper cleaning care and keeping the neck area dry.