Baby Has Runny Nose Causes: Home Remedies For Infant, Toddlers Cold

When you find that your baby is suffering from such problems like a cold and a runny nose, you often wish that it was you suffering it instead of them because of the woeful look that they have because of this problem. Your baby’s eyes will often water, they will have a dripping nose, and they may even suffer from congestion. When baby has runny nose problems, what you need to do is to make them as comfortable as possible until the ailment runs its course.

Causes Of Runny Nose In Infants And Toddlers

Oftentimes, the runny nose toddlers and infants get come from the common cold virus.

This means that you can only ease what they are feeling until the cold goes away. Sometimes this can also be caused by allergens and pollen that irritates your baby’s nose.

You will need to determine what is causing the infant runny nose and cough problem first to help you get the right solution and for you to stop your baby from going through this dilemma longer. When baby has runny nose problems, getting to the cause can help you find a solution for the dilemma faster.

Home Remedies For Baby Cold And Stop Runny Nose

When your baby has runny nose problems, you will sometimes feel rather helpless to help them specifically if they start crying and you don’t know how to make them feel better to stop their crying.

A baby with a runny nose can be very finicky, and what you will need to do is to comfort them and ease the problem with certain solutions to help your baby feel better. One such solution you can use to help flush out the allergens that may be causing this runny nose is a saline solution for babies that you can easily buy. You can make a diluted saline solution with 1 part adult saline drops and three parts warm water.

When it comes to babies cold remedies, you will find no better solution than natural ones since these do not have any dangerous side effects that your baby can suffer from. Here are some home remedies for baby cold you can consider:

  • If your baby is suffering from a congested or clogged nose, you can create your own steam bath to help clear his sinuses up. A steam room can be recreated by simply running the hot water in your bathroom and you and your baby can sit in the steamy atmosphere for 15 minutes, at least three times a day, to help decongest the nose.
  • You can also create the right kind of atmosphere in your room with the use of a humidifier to help baby breathe better.
  • Keep your baby propped up with the use of pillows placed under one end of the crib mattress to help your baby breathe easier.
  • If needed, you can use a saline solution to irrigate the nostrils and to water down those thick and dry nasal secretions that may make it hard for your baby to breathe. There are saline solutions that are made for infants, and these are made with simple salt-and-water solutions.