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Cancerous Moles are skin moles that can appear at any age. Though not all skin moles are cancerous, moles developing in adulthood have a greater risk of being malignant.

Cancerous moles look different compared to normal moles, they are irregular …

Pigment changes and dark spots are abundant all over the body as the age advances. Even though these changes in melanin, and lack of it at some places, is a normal part of life, every one wishes the spots to …

What is Cement Poisoning?

  • Many people who work in the construction or cement industry are aware about cement poisoning and effects of cement on skin.

  • Poisoning occurs primarily as a toxic skin condition that is acquired from all the caustic

Soothing Razor Bumps


  • One of the effective ways to soothe razor burn is by applying aloe vera gel to soothe the pain and redness.
  • You can also soothe razor burn by applying herbal creams and essential oils on the

Soothing Mosquito Bite Allergy

  • The first thing that you should do when bitten by a mosquito is wash the area with running water and soap. This will initially get rid of bacteria on the skin.
  • What helps soothe mosquito bites

Hives are usually allergic reactions to practically anything, food, air, sunlight, fabric, exercise, and even mere scratching or rubbing the skin. There are many ways to soothe hives, but one of the most effective ways to deal with hives is …

Healing Rashes Fast

A rash is the body’s reaction to allergies or pollutants in the environment. Some of the ways on how to heal face rash fast are the following:

  • Wash the affected area with chamomile tea. Prepare the tea

Medication for Boils

Boils or skin abscess are deep skin infections that start as red and tender skin areas and eventually become too hard, firm, and still tender.

Causes of Boils

  • Infection of an ingrown hair
  • Skin cuts or abrasions

You may come across many women who complain of allergic reaction at the site where they wear jewellery. It can be on pinna of their ears, on belly button or around the neck.

Metal Allergy Causes And Symptoms

Allergic reaction …

Aloe vera plant has many medicinal properties, it is used since centuries for different skin conditions like burns, wounds and skin irritations.

Herpes And Aloe Vera

Aloe vera is often used to treat herpes infection. Herpes is a viral skin …