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Diet For Conceiving A Boy

Male sperm is relatively more fragile compared to the female sperm and hence increased acidic level of the female reproductive tract reduces the chances of its survival. Avoid foods that are high in magnesium and …

There are several couples who would be desirous of female girl child. Here are a few simple, natural and scientifically proven techniques to get pregnant with a girl child.

How To Get Pregnant With A Girl?

  1. Having sexual intercourse, a

Sweet Smelly Urine During Pregnancy

Normally, the odor produced by urine is bearable. However, fishy / pungent smelly urine during pregnancy heralds the beginning of a urinary infection.

Causes for Smelly Urine During Early Pregnancy

  • It has been frequently seen

By the 18th Week of pregnancy, the basic organogenesis of the fetus has been completed. This means that by the eighteen week of pregnancy, all the body parts of the baby are completely developed. Also by this age, the genitals …

As soon as some women complete 38 to 39 weeks of pregnancy, they become anxious and feel that they are overdue without even giving a second thought of expected due date given by their doctor. And in an attempt to …