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The two thin lips are important organs which has many vital functions to play. It is the opening of mouth; lips take part in articulation of speech, prevents food from escaping out of the mouth besides being an erogenous zone.…

People give much importance to lips as they play an important role for facial attraction. An amazing smile can do lot many things which words cannot. However, disfigured lips or issues like sticky coating on lips can play a spoil …

Lips are an important part of facial attraction, no matter if they are thin or plump. Sometimes, an aesthetic pleasing smile can be more convincing than the uttered words. Having cracked and bleeding lips can thus make your look unattractive, …

Everyone wants their lips to look attractive and smooth. They are not only erogenous organs during the act of intimacy but serve the purpose of articulating speech and help in opening the mouth. Unfortunately, exfoliative cheilitis is chronic disorder of …

Cheilitis implies inflammation of lips. It is characterized by redness, swelling, scaling or crusting of lips. Actinic cheilitis is one such type of common lip condition which has the potential to turn into squamous cell carcinoma. Mostly, the lower lip …

Though the unsightly white spots on lips were prevalent since ages among population at large, the condition was first identified and defined by a dermatologist named John Fordyce. Hence this benign but distressing and ugly looking spots on lips, penis …

Freckles on the lips are dark brown pigmented spots observed especially during summer months. They are attributed to the precipitation of melanin, which is responsible for the black discoloration of the skin.

Exposure to direct sunlight during summers is an …

The twitching lip syndrome is described as an involuntary action of the lips, which occurs when the muscles suddenly contract. It can be traced to a variety of reasons and should be observed further if it becomes more frequent.


Lips are high on some people’s wish list. They are considered to be symbol of attractiveness; it enhances the facial expressions. Anything which goes wrong with the lips is visible at first sight.

Lip Swollen For No Reason

At times …

Swollen Lips in the Morning

It’s not likely the result of intense passionate kiss from your partner, but some people do wake up during mornings and find they have swollen lips. Although many may think they got the swollen lips …

Chapped Lips Vitamin Deficiency

Lips are an integral part of the digestive system and chapping of lips is an indication of deprivation of essential nutrients. Chapping of lips occur during winters. Skin has specialized glands, which secrete natural oils to …

Causes Of Smokers Lips

  • Years of excessive smoking can take a toll on the working of the body for sure, but it can also put a negative look in your appearance. The lips, in particular, turn dark and blacken from

Lips are made up of very thin tissue that is easily damaged. They are exposed to everything we eat and everything in the environment.

Causes of Sensitive, Swollen And Sore Lips

  • The main causes of swollen, sensitive lips can be

Post Wax Upper Lip Pimple

Waxing is a type of hair removal method that provides semi-permanent results. The follicles are removed instead of the hair. The hair will grow back six to eight weeks after.

Causes of Bumps after Waxing

How to Cure Dry Peeling Lips

Extremely dry peeling lips gives discomfort because it is not only disturbing aesthetically, it can also be very painful.

Dry Sore Peeling Lips Causes

  • Nutritional deficiency such as vitamin B deficiency
  • Overexposure to the

Pale Lips Causes

Pale-looking lips are in fashion. However, it can also be a condition that requires medical attention.

  • Pale lips are primarily caused by a lack of blood circulation and lack of oxygen that nourishes the tissues of the

How to Hydrate Dry Chapped Lips

Dry, chapped lips are the result of dehydration brought about not only by lack of moisture in the air but also by allergies, medications, and some skin diseases. Licking your lips too much also …

What Causes Mucocele?

Mucocele, or mucous retention cyst, is the cyst that forms on the interior of the lip. Although they can be virtually harmless, mucoceles can potentially scar the lip permanently. However, some mucocele causes tend to worsen if …

Chapped Lips Vitamin Deficiency Treatment

Cracked lips vitamin deficiency can be curbed by eating vitamin rich food.

Lips are two fleshy folds that surround the mouth. Their main function is to help the chewed food to be swallowed. It acts …

Question: How to get bigger lips without surgery?


How to Get Big Lips At Home

Big and plump lips are one of the most attractive features of the face. Here are a few simple tips to naturally get bigger