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Typically, gnawing pain in the stomach occurs due to peptic ulcer or stomach ulcer. The symptoms, causes and management plan are mentioned below.

Gnawing Stomach Pain Symptoms

  • The chief symptom of a stomach ulcer is gnawing pain in the stomach

Learning to increase your vertical jump will be very useful in sports activities such as volleyball and basketball.

For this you need to strengthen your legs and the leg muscles. Calf muscles and quadriceps play an important role in vertical …

Abdomen Bloating and Weight Gain Symptoms

Common symptoms include: bloating of the abdomen, excessive flatulence, abdominal distension and an increase in weight.

What Causes Bloated Stomach and Weight Gain

  • The commonest cause of weight gain with a sensation of bloated-ness

Extreme Dizziness

A feeling of light-headedness or a head rush or a sensation that you are about to balance or disorientation is dizziness.

Severe Dizziness Causes

  • Vertigo: vertigo occurs when the organ that control sour balance is affected.
  • Blood Pressure:

High Calorie Weight Gain Drinks

When you are aiming to gain weight, you should eat diet, and weight gain drinks, which are high in calories. If weight gain drinks is 1000 calories extra, beside the normal diet and proportionately divided …

Frontal Sinus Headache

Frontal sinus pain occurs when you have an episode of sinusitis. The forehead and the orbit of the eye get painful. There may also be referred pain in the neck.

Frontal Sinus Pain Causes

  • The mucus lining

Migraine is a fairly common problem. Did any of your parents have this problem? What is your age? What is your gender? Is the attack of migraine triggered by something specific? Are you sensitive to strong and pungent odors?

Migraine …

Sudden Severe Headache Back of Head Causes

  • Migraines cause excruciating pains and are almost always associated with nausea and vomiting. He may also complain of extreme sensitivity to sound / light, weakness, temporary visual loss, and increased urination.
  • Sinusitis is

Low Lymphocytes Levels in Blood

Lymphocytes protect the body against bacterial, fungal and viral infections. A healthy lymphocyte count is very essential for a healthy body. The normal lymphocyte range is 1000 – 4800.

Low Lymphocytes Count Causes

  • Inadequate functioning

Sinus Neck Pain and Pressure

Sinuses are openings present behind in the forehead, behind the eyes, nose and cheeks. This sinus is lined with mucus lining to prevent dust, pollen and various air-borne particulate matter from gaining entry in to …

Sinus Jaw Pain Pressure

When the nasal passages get infected / inflamed, it affects the opening of the sinuses, occluding it. Consequently, air and mucus accumulates, which then leads to pressure on the jaw. This pressure results in severe sinus

Bad, Horrible Headache and Nausea Causes

  • Hypertension: those suffering from high blood pressure complain of extreme headache and nausea.
  • A head injury triggers headaches and nausea. The headache and nausea may develop immediately after, or about a few days

Kidney stent is a commonly referred term for ureteric stent.  It is a plastic hollow tube inserted in the ureter (connecting tube between the kidney and the bladder through which urine from the kidney gets accumulated in the bladder).


What is Deflazacort

Deflazacort is used as an anti inflammatory agent and an immuno suppressant drug.

Deflazacort Drug Information

This drug is available in the United Kingdom, but not in the United States. It is by and large used to …

Cortisone Injection Risks, Dangers

Side effects of cortisone injections on hips and shoulder include:

  • Discoloration of skin is a very common side effect.
  • A steroid flare is another very common effect. The cortisone crystallizes and results in excruciating pain. The

What is Multiple Myeloma Cancer

Multiple myeloma cancer affects the plasma cells located in the bone marrow. Plasma cells belong to the group of white blood corpuscles that are involved in formation of antibodies essential for the effective functioning of …

Ticks are blood sucking vectors which carry diseases to human beings. The saliva of tick harbors disease organism and it is responsible for disease transmission during the tick bite.

There are almost 800 species of ticks in nature; the arthropod …

Microorganisms and Diseases in Human

The life and health of human beings is under constant threat, particularly by micro-organisms – bacteria, viruses, fungi and protozoa. These organisms invade the tissue and produce infectious disease.

Most of the maladies affecting the …

Partial Small, Large Intestinal Blockage

In a partial intestinal blockage, the passageway of the contents of the bowel get impeded, but not blocked completely. This condition develops slowly, causing constipation and irregular bowel movements.

Partial Intestine Blockage Symptoms

Symptoms of

Protozoan Infections in Humans

Protozoa are single cell, living microorganism. They have structures like flagella and cilia which help them in their movements. Almost all the humans, some time in their life time must have got infected with protozoa. Some …