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Natural Blood Purification

  • It only stands to reason that if too many poisons and chemical toxins are permitted to build up in the body, the body breaks down, system by system.
  • As sludge and garbage fill our blood vessels and

Causes of Ruptured Appendix

  • The way the appendix is situated off the large intestine makes it prone to getting blocked by fecal waste. Blockage can occur from cancerous growths too.
  • This build up of waste or tumors causes this little

Psoriasis of the Liver Causes and Symptoms

  • Psoriasis of the liver is a term used to describe the damage that potent psoriasis medications infringes on the liver.
  • Although some people have to resort to medications with bad side effects on

Best Home Medicine for Chicken Pox

  • Chicken pox generally strikes during youth, but some older folks do get it later in life. It comes from a virus.
  • This illness has to just run its course. It can last for weeks.

Headache is one of the most common human ailments. There are numerous possible causes for headache ranging from mild head injury to serious brain tumor. The pain can be localized to one part of the head or there is diffused …