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Olive Oil Treatment for Gastritis

  • Stomach acidity, heartburn, and other gastric discomforts can lead to much more serious issues like painful ulcers.
  • Instead of turning to chemical medications to relieve the gnawing aggravations of stomach pain, people prefer a more

Different and Most Common Types of Poisoning

  • Believe it or not, the most common way people get poisoned is through the food supply. That seems to be clear through the fast food and pet food salmonella exposure. There is a

Burning Pain During Bowel Movement Causes

  • People suffering with irritable bowel syndrome and have frequent problems with diarrhea often complain of a burning sensation while passing stool.
  • The loose stools are irritating to the tender tissue of the rectum and

Red wasps are also known as paper wasps, often seen with their nests on the projected roof surface of your house or walls or under the tree.

Red wasps like other irascible insects, such as bee, hornets and yellow jackets …

Probiotics acidophilus are the natural bacteria present in our digestive system, they are supposed to be good bacteria which help the food to get digested, support the immune system and counter the balance of bad bacteria in the digestive tract.…