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How to Stop Drooling During Sleep

Drooling is the accumulation of saliva in your mouth, eventually pouring down your lips, and slipping down your chick, making a little puddle in your pillow. Drooling happens unconsciously while sleeping. The mouth is …

Low blood sugar is also medically termed as hypoglycemia. Mismatch in the insulin-food-activity balance is the commonest cause for hypoglycemia.

Can Low Blood Sugar Cause Dizziness?

Low blood sugar can cause dizziness beside other symptoms.

  • Glucose level < 60 mg/dl

Causes And Symptoms Of Dark Urine

Dark urine and abdominal pain are two signs and symptoms which we come across in liver disease i.e. viral hepatitis A, B and kidney and bladder stones.

In viral hepatitis there is increase of …

Problem in Passing Stool Treatment

The stool, being a body waste, has to be excreted in the body. However, there are times when we experience constipation or the difficulty passing stool or worse inability to pass stool.

Difficult To

Make Adams Apple Look Small

The Adam’s apple is an extra protrusion of cartilage on the throat of males. They are rather prominent in teenage boys because boys undergoing puberty are having growth spurts and so become rather thin. The …

Question: What is the pathophysiology of confusion and raised serum urea in pneumonic patient? What are the causes of Elevated Serum Urea?

Answer: Raised serum urea level is indicative of serious condition in the body. Often it is indicative test …

What Is a Ruptured Spleen?

The spleen is a small organ located at the left side of your body under your rib cage. It is a fist-sized organ that contains special white blood cells that destroy bacteria. It also filters …

Question: My SGPT and SGOT are normal. I take 2 pegs of alcohol daily. What is the cause of high bilirubin? I have no other symptoms. Can alcohol raise bilirubin levels in blood?
Answer: Regular consumption of alcohol will definitely …

Question: How can we protect ourselves from dysentery? Give some tips to prevent amoebic and bacillary dysentery.

Answer: Dysentery is a serious condition affecting the large intestine. Dysentery is caused by two organisms i.e. protozoa and bacteria. Amoebic …

Question: My brother is suffering from chronic kidney disease. Due to long time medicine, such situation arose. Water is not going outside from body and how to dispose off of water. Because of this his weight is increasing from 39kg …

Question: What Is the Function of Creatine and Creatine Phosphate in human body?
Answer: Let us know what is creatine, because few people know about it and the function of creatine in our body.

What Is Creatine?

Creatine is an …

What Is Tenesmus?

Tenesmus is the term used to describe the painful and ineffective straining during urination or bowel movement. It is a constant feeling of the need to empty bowel, accompanied by pain, cramping, and involuntary straining efforts. Despite …

Causes of Cold Legs and Feet

Cold legs and feet are caused by poor blood circulation to these areas. Aside from the different nutrients that the blood carries, it also conducts heat. There are different factors linked why this happens.…

How to Remove Broken Glass in Finger

  • If the glass is visible and big enough, you can just carefully pluck it out with tweezers. Take the glass in finger carefully so as not leave anything behind and cause infection.
  • If

Purple Veins on Thighs, Feet

Purple veins on legs are sometimes horrible to look at. They can appear as thin threads of veins ranging from reddish, bluish, or purplish color netted behind the leg.


Causes of Purple Veins on

Cellulite is the deposition of fat cells in the skin, which is harmless, but affects more than 90% of women, sometime during their life.

Here are a few simple tips to get rid of the extra fat and cellulite,

  • Jogging

Causes Of Low Cortisol Levels

Under active adrenal gland, also referred to as Addison’s disease, is a condition, which is characterized by low production of cortisol by the adrenal glands. In addition hypothyroidism and lower levels of T3 have also …

Lower right abdominal pain may be the result of a wide range of conditions / complications. Several organs are located on the lower right side of the abdomen, which include: the appendix, cecum, lower part of the kidney, right ovary, …

Nitrous oxide is a chemical formulation, which includes nitrogen and oxygen. It is also commonly refered to as the ‘laughing gas’. It is a sweet smelling colorless gas, which is used commonly by doctors as General Anesthesia and an analgesic.…

Immediate, Quick UTI Relieve

Urinary tract infection happens when bacteria in the urinary tract that includes the kidney, ureter, bladder, and urethra intrudes into the opening, causing infection. This condition can be really painful once it worsens. Hence, immediate relief