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Dyspepsia or hyperacidity is one of the most common disorders occurring in the digestive tract. This happens when the hydrochloric acid that is naturally generated by our stomach starts to be produced excessively. Hence, when this happens, dyspepsia occurs.


Causes of Painful Boil on Anus

Boils can be really painful especially since they are a type of skin infection caused by bacteria under the skin. A number of bacteria can be responsible for the appearance of boils on anus. …

There are many reasons that explain why a delay in menstruation happens. Among the main causes why women would want to induce menstruation early is because of polycystic ovarian syndrome or PCOS. Because of PCOS, some women suffer from having …

If you are experiencing watery menstrual blood, you should know that most women experience the same thing during their menstrual period and it does not signify any serious health condition. Generally, the causes of watery menstrual cycle include the following:…

Sweaty palms, medically termed as palmar hyperhidrosis, are the excessive sweating of the hands more than the normal perspiration. This condition causes the sufferer to have problems doing daily activities.

Palmar hyperhidrosis can be classified according to its cause: congenital …


My husband is 26+ and he has high blood Pressure. Is it due to his weak liver? Is there any diet we can follow to make his liver strong and healthy?


Foods for Healthy Liver

Hypertension or high …

Cold Shower Therapy Benefits

  • The shock derived from a cold shower promotes blood and oxygen circulation because it induces pumping of the heart and facilitates ideal oxygen distribution to different systems of the body.
  • Cold shower therapy is proven to

Basically, the causes of acne scab are pimples picked while they were not yet healed or while they were at the height of infection. Acne scabs are generally the traces left behind by acne infection.

How to Heal Acne Scabs

Causes of Alcohol Bloating Stomach

  • Binge drinking or taking in large amount of alcohol.
  • The food taken in while drinking or prior to the drinking session can lead to alcohol bloating stomach. Since alcohol stimulates hunger, the tendency of

Problems in the digestive system can lead to various diseases. Hence, it is important to look after our digestive health. But there are times when a person inevitably experiences problems in the stomach area due to certain causes. Abdominal pain …

During a woman’s menopausal stage, hormones fluctuate to varied levels and can cause hot flash. Hot flash is usually accompanied with ears becoming very warm and red. This symptom is just a natural indication of the changes that women undergo …

The summer season is the season of the beach, swimming pool, island paradise, vacation, and of course sunbathing. In as much as we want that golden tan skin that makes us look more sexy and appealing, we cannot however escape …

Gingivitis or the inflammation of the gums is a non-destructive disease that affects the tissues that surrounds the tooth. The most common form, the plaque-induced gingivitis, is caused by bacterial activity called plaques (bacterial biofilms) and is found on tooth …


Following are my symptoms:

1. I have light skin color
2. It is hard and sometime boils appears
3. Since last 5yrs my hair is not growing

What are the causes of rough skin and falling hair? Can you …


I have a dry mouth especially at night. Does it happen as I keep my mouth open? Is there not enough saliva?


Dry Mouth During Sleep

The salivary glands are responsible for salivary secretion. Dryness of mouth is …


Can you tell us about burns suffered by radiation therapy for breast cancer patients. How common is it to have burns during radiation treatment for breast cancer? Can that be prevented?


Side Effects of Radiation Therapy

Radiation burns …

Question: I got a TB shot on Thursday and two days later it was like a rash, what is that, there is a small bump on my arm.

Answer: You are probably referring to tuberculosis vaccine (TB shot) …