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Many blemishes assault the face, especially in teenagers. But most of these conditions can be prevented by cleaning with soap and water and following with toners.

How Do Facial Toners Work

  • Facial toners restore firmness to the skin. After washing

How to Treat, Heal Burnt Finger

Burnt finger is common occurrence in woman doing household work and kitchen work. Burnt finger can result due to hot water, steam or cooking in oil. Usually finger burns are superficial, deep burns do …

Painful Breast Lump In Young Women

Breast lumps in young women generally occur between the ages of 20 to 50.

Breast lump in young girls occur during puberty, this is due to the hormonal change. They are also known as …

Question: What are the treatments for exematous dermatitis?

Answer: Eczema is also called as Eczematous dermatitis. It describes non- contagious condition of skin which gets inflamed, red, dry, and itchy.

Eczematous dermatitis can be of several varieties, it can be …

Women who have experienced vaginal gas know that it can be downright embarrassing because it can’t be controlled.

What Causes Vaginal Gas

It may be triggered by one of these:

  • It can be a result of calovaginal fistula, a serious