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My age is 58 years, I feel very hungry even after meals and there is extreme weakness. I have acid reflux, taking Nexum 40mg Crestor 20 mg and MultiVitamin MEGA MEN 50 plus also taking Glucosamine chondroitin MSN ultra …

Question: Can aids be spread by oral kiss?

Answer: No. AIDS doesn’t spread through saliva or through kissing. HIV virus can spread only through four routes i.e. blood, sexual intercourse, using needles of an infected person or through the transplacental …

Question: I have stretch marks on my knees. How to get rid of them naturally?

Answer:  With sudden gain of weight or sudden loss of weight in the body there may appear fine lines on the arms, knees, …


Treatment for upper and lower respiratory tract disease.


Upper respiratory tract consists of nose, paranasal sinuses, pharynx, and larynx. They have several important functions besides air conduction. This includes air conduction, swallowing, smell and speech.

Upper, Lower Respiratory

Question: I get loose motions very quickly, as soon as I eat anything, there is a urge to go to bathroom. The stool is watery, after every hour I go to the bathroom.

Answer: Loose motions or diarrhea occurs due …