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Benefits of Eating Healthy For Kids

The foundation for good health practices begin during childhood. It is always advisable to prepare children towards the path of eating right and healthy foods.

  • Children who are reared with appropriately nutritious food grow

Symptoms of Appendicitis in Children under 5 and 3

While it is rarely reported, appendicitis in children under 5 and 3 years old can occur. Young children are more prone to ruptured appendix because they show little or no signs …

Albuterol Side Effects in Children

Albuterol is a medication prescribed to children to provide short-term relief from asthma. It helps to open the airways during an asthma attack.

  • A dose of albuterol may cause irritability, nervousness and restlessness.
  • Liquid and

Malnutrition is a condition, wherein, an imbalance of vital nutrients occurs, due to an inadequate consumption of nutritious foods. Malnutrition could occur at any age; and presents the following symptoms.

Malnutrition Symptoms

  • Dry skin with scales
  • Weakness of the muscles

Diaphragmatic Breathing in Children

Abdominal breathing comes naturally in infants and even in young children. As people grow up, abdominal breathing gets replaced by chest breathing and although both method of breathing is still retained into adulthood, chest breathing starts …