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Question: How is psychotherapy for depression helpful? Explain depression supportive therapy. What contribution does psycho-education actually make?

Supportive Therapy for Depression

Supportive therapy is a short term therapy which believes in supporting rather than changing the person who’s depressed. The …

Question: Describe a session of interpersonal therapy. Is there any criticism? When is Interpersonal therapy most appropriate?

Interpersonal Therapy Technique

The therapist and the patient take a look and discuss the patients past and present relationships as they relate …

Question: Explain Psychoanalysis therapy. Is Psychoanalysis used for depression? What is short-term Psychodynamic therapy?

What is Psychoanalysis Therapy

Psychoanalysis is the most long-term, undirected and open ended of the psychotherapeutic and psychodynamic approaches in which the patients may spend …

Question: What is the approach of marriage and family therapy? Explain a family therapy session. Is the family therapy short-term? What happens if the other family members refuse to come?

Marriage Therapeutic Session

The approach of marriage and family

Question: What particular tactics are taught in behavioral therapy? What role do time management and conversation skills play in overcoming depression?

Behavioral Therapy Skills

There a number of overlapping behavioral and cognitive tactics in behavioral therapy. They can either …