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According to some studies, estrogen replacement decreases LDL and increases HDL both by ten to fifteen percent which is good. HRT after menopause is known to reduce women’s risk of heart disease by half. But it is not the only …

Sociopaths are typified by complete disrespect for the others rights. They radiate superficial charm that easily attracts others. Nevertheless, after a brief period of being associated with them, their lack of consideration and scheming behavior becomes obvious.

Causes Of Sociopathic

In order to manage teenage bedwetting, a complete medical history is very important to understand the precise cause. Certain measures help change in the mind set of the teenager and treat bedwetting effectively.

Causes Of Teenage Bedwetting

  • Urinary bladder dysfunction:

The spleen is a vital organ that filters and eliminates infection causing agents from the blood. It also gets rid of old, abnormal blood cells and maintains a normal supply of healthy cells.

In normal conditions, the spleen is roughly …

Impaired glucose tolerance is a pre-diabetic state and is linked to insulin resistance. In general, impaired glucose precedes diabetes mellitus type 2. Insulin resistance develops when insulin loses its effectiveness to keep blood glucose level in the normal range.