Wrist Bone Spurs: Treatment Of Bone Spurs In Wrist And Surgery

Causes of Wrist Bone Spurs In Wrist

In most circumstances, bone spurs are an arthritis complication. There may be causes like trauma or wrong method of typing on the keyboard that affects the wrist.

Wrist Bone Spur Treatment

  • Medical professionals emphasize prevention of bone spurs. They are easier to prevent than they are to treat.
  • There is not a lot that can help besides some home remedies for wrist bone spurs treatment.

  • Surprisingly it is not the calcifications on the bone that can cause pain and swelling.
    It is the location of the spur and what muscles and nerves the growth pushes against that causes the discomfort.
  • Ice is very effective for decreasing inflammation and discomfort.
  • The wrist should be rested but not totally immobilized. Extended periods of immobility can cause further issues with muscle atrophy and contractures.

Treatment Of Bone Spurs In Wrist

  • It will benefit a lot to do some simple stretching exercises to keep the wrist as limber as possible.
  • Avoid long periods on the computer typing. A wrist brace can reduce further damage.
  • Be sure the keyboard is at a relaxing level as you type. The wrist should not be bent in an upward position. Take adequate rest periods from typing.
  • Be sure to eat plenty of bone strengthening foods like milk, leafy green veggies and the essential fatty acids. Calcium and vitamin D should be taken in daily, more so as you age.
  • The Omega vitamins can assist in lubrication of the bones and joints to facilitate appropriate range of motion.

Wrist Bone Spur Surgery

Wrist bone spur surgery is not indicated when the spur is caused by osteoarthritis. If there are nerves involved, as in carpal tunnel syndrome, surgery may be done to release the pressure on the nerve.

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