Throbbing Shoulder Pain: Stiff Shoulder and Throbbing Pain

Throbbing Shoulder Pain

There are different kinds of shoulder pain that can be experienced depending on the cause. The most common causes of throbbing shoulder pain are the following:

  • Some significant force or trauma can cause a dislocation of the shoulder joint
  • When the connective tissue bonding the shoulder bone and the collarbone gets partially torn or torn completely apart due to a heavy fall or a forceful blow to the shoulder blade
  • When the tendons get inflamed or the inflammation of the bursa sacs, which are responsible for assisting and protecting the shoulders from any damage or injury, this results in bursitis.
  • When there is an impingement syndrome or the rubbing off of the rotator cuff or the shoulder’s supporting structure
  • When there is an inflammation of the bicep tendons and the rotator cuff (commonly called tendonitis)
  • When the shoulders are excessively used, causing the rotator cuffs to be inflamed or torn
  • When exercising the shoulders and causing adhesions and more inflammation in the shoulder joint surfaces

Treatment and Exercise for Throbbing Shoulder Pain

Treatment for throbbing should pain ranges from medication and drugs, physiotherapy, exercise, complete rest, lifestyle changes, and surgery for severe cases. For home remedies for that throbbing shoulder pain, one can try massaging the area with an ice pack or a heating pad, apply herbal balms that are available from the supermarket or fresh mint leaves that have been crushed, and some exercises like stretching the left arm with the right shoulder and vice versa every few minutes.