Swollen Ankles After Surgery: Causes Of Swelling In Ankles And Feet

Causes Of Swollen Feet And Ankles

Swollen ankles after surgery is very common manifestation of lower leg surgery, for e.g. knee replacement surgery, hip replacement or any other surgery associated with lower legs. Excessive swelling in lower legs can interfere in the recuperative process after the surgery.

Deep vein thrombosis is a post surgical complication which one can come across giving rise to swelling in ankles and legs.

Swollen Ankles After Surgery

Let us understand the dynamics behind the ankle swelling after the surgery. And the way it can be avoided if necessary measures are taken, by the patient and the nursing staff as well.

Arteries carry the blood from the heart to the extremities and the end tissues, the same blood is then returned to heart via the veins. Proper return of the blood to the heart is ensured by the valves in the veins and the level of contraction of the muscles of the extremities during activity.

Swelling In Ankles After Surgery

After surgery of lower extremities or fracture, calf muscle contraction is decreased due to low activity and rest in bed, due to this the veins become distended and the valves loose their effectiveness. As a result there is pooling of blood in the lower legs and the ankle joint, this causes extravasation of fluid in the ankles and lower legs.

Added to this when leg is kept hanging for a long time the gravitational force acts in some way to increase the swelling in ankles.

Preventing Swollen Ankles

To prevent ankle swelling post surgery, medical specialists advises early mobility such as walking and exercise of legs while sitting and lying down in bed. This enables the calf and thigh muscles to contract and help in circulation of blood.